There will never be another you 
In all your totality 
So stop trying be like someone else 
Cause, people need the original you  

We think it’s not OK to not be OK
I’m screaming it’s OK ! By all means necessary talk your way through it scream your
 way through it cry your way through it fight and push your way through it but don’t 
punish yourself for life’s experiences. Everyone has them and no one will ever always 
be OK. Admit it & move forward, your mental & social health depends on it.

Never get hung up on a setback, a no or a closed door. It’s literally God rerouting you 

When someone says something kind and it kinda makes you smile & blush and make 
sure that’s you.

Idle status of your gifts is like synonymous to death to your gifts. USE what you have

Healing is being consistent in doing the things we’ve never rested in. 
It’s uncomfortable, when you try. It goes against the fibers of your heart, the frame of 
your normalcy.
It hurts. It peels. It Scabs.
It reminds you of the pain & calls you back every single moment you allow...But if you 
heal.  … You really do have to FEEL to heal.

You can either harbor it, Harp on it 
Or channel it to make you great.
Choose the latter

Moving on hurts when you don’t see what you’re moving ON to ... but consider this ... 
it’s not what you’re moving onto ( future )  it’s what you’re moving on FROM ( past.) 
This helps you to be content in your current, helps you to heal from the past & 
cultivates preparation FOR the future.

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