I think the reason a smile is so beautiful is because it hides so much .. No matter the amount of pain you're really in. This miraculous curve won’t let a soul see
For the time being … …smile
Your personal protection prevents you from really being read… but use at your own discretion because nothing can be healed if it’s always covered up

I employ you to find out what’s in your heart 
I behove you if it moves you to tears and 
If it’s holding on to some years, to some of it’s memories
To Let. It. Go. 
That’ll let you know if you’re really healing. Are you strong enough to push past the bulk of your feelings. 
They’ve been packaged and delivered to your door with a pretty bow, traveled all this way ... but you don’t have to open it and keep it.  

Nature of a Woman

When she deserves the stars and the moon but you only can give her flowers
So you put them in a nice vase
But she takes them out plants them and they grow a vine 
that allows both her and yourself to climb up and sit on the moon
to look at the very things that you wanted to give her,
she gave to you
She recognized a seed.
And you realized that she was created to be your helper.
Oblivious things to you are in her nature  


She sat there and watched 
And listened,
She smiled and felt the joy 
And she said 
"God, I think this is where I want to be"

Sun  &  Moon

You're the sun and the moon don't you ever forget it
Mothering the earth
Both with your sol and ready dark empty womb
Controlling and policing all things
Giving it birth 
or death
Encompassing the arena of footprints led by God's spirit, trailing & marking galaxies and sparking conversations of aliens.
We follow up with the masters works and create because we are creators
It's just a piece of a wonderfully made something
That has been there since the dawn of time
God-Christ, created land. Earth, dirt birthed
You were formed by his hands by faith
so live by faith
You should never feel constrained to this physicality
You move mountains with your tongue
Create swords with your words so angels zip down from heaven 
and carry them in battle
Standing waiting for you.
Protecting daughters and queens of
The king.
Fighting for you
Your bigger than what you can see
The earth is more than your
Problems and issues
And Facebook and
cars money, education, 
assets, weave, asses, 
politics, global affairs, 
global warming, traveling noir
IG likes, racism, No
The earth is your playground
For you to tread on every thing that tries to make you feel small.
For you to develop your spirit in holiness and tap into the power it possesses.
The earth is your playground for you to run and try and jump and Fall.
The earth is your playground to develop your faith.
The earth is your playground
For you to learn, bear fruit.
Multiply what God has placed inside of you and spread it like dust
Casting down the imaginations of the ones who are lost & stuck
The earth is yours, take charge over what God has given you. 
You’re the sun and the moon
Own that
Own it
You’re the sun and the moon
Beautiful Things spoken into existence
You are the sun and the moon
Don't you ever forget it

She Is
A gospel riff 
A jazz chord
A Dilla like beat
Her smile makes the tip of your spine curve up, neck tilted looking to find her source of joy.

Feeling Myself

Post a pretty picture and I  get a hundred likes, 
but that don't make me like myself 
50 times twice
that don't make me love myself any more I guess
I’m still the same person just in a pretty dress & a filter and blemish remover or some other mess 
but  I'm feeling myself 
I’m feeling myself
I’m feeling, I’m feeling I’m feeling my self with
Cause When I log of I don’t have much else left 
Don't feel yourself with emptiness
Watch your energy it’s really precious 
I don't have anything to stand on that's
Anything that’s faithful 
Electronic signals that create a little heart that has
 Literally. Become. My heart. 

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