Erika Denae J is a singer-songwriter, musician & author hailing from Pittsburgh, where her love for music at a young age began with her singing & playing on her grandmother’s upright vintage piano. With her captivating sound, she focuses on lyrical quality that displays encouraging messages in her songs while blending poetry into her soulful compositions. “You’re not really living if you’re not showing the world what God has placed inside of you & I was afraid to share mine for so long so I'm always encouraging others to share themselves.” Her current interest is in curating spaces of healing & after the release of her debut project,  "Rx Melodies", produced by James Johnson III, Erika is accomplishing her goal through music, holding conversations & writing.

Erika is also the founder of Beata Beatus Co, a benefit company that creates content & sells products for positive socio-emotional development of young girls in underrepresented communities. She  wrote "The Encouragement Guide", an activity journal to build healthy self-esteem & confidence in tween & teen girls. As an aspiring producer who continues to reach new heights in her musical career, purpose is the one thing that continues to drive her journey in music & writing.
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